Computer Science 318

Fundamentals of Web Design

Lab 19 Reverse Engineering


Reverse Engineer the provided images into HTML, and CSS.


Reference previous labs for help.


Desktop Styles

Lab 17 Desktop

Mobile Styles

Lab 17 mobile design


Brand Guide Poppin Font


Final Steps

Validate your HTML.

Lint your CSS at

Now look at GitHub Desktop. You should see all of your files listed out in the left column.

GitHub Desktop files listed

Now you are going to commit your changes.

With all of the files checked. Fill out the Summary field in the bottom left and then click Commit to main.
Committing is staging the files, so they can be pushed to the repository hosted at GitHub.

GitHub Desktop Summary field.

Now you want to push your changes to the Repository. Now if you access the repository from another computer Lab16 will be there. After you push in the top right of the nav it should say "Fetch Origin" instead of "Push Origin"

GitHub Push Origin

Your are Done with Lab19