Computer Science 318

Fundamentals of Web Design

GitHub Setup




Go to

Click on the green button Sign Up for GitHub

Fill out the sign up form

Github sign up form

After entering the verification code, you will get the following screen. Select 2-5 people and student.

Github number form

The next screen will have choices about what features you are interested in. Don't select any. Just click continue

Select the free option

Github free option

Setting Up your Repository

Click on the green button in the top left "Create Repository"

GitHub Create Repository button

Leave owner field as is, it should be displaying your username

In Repository Name type "cs-318".

Check private and README options

Click Create Repository

Github Repository setup form

Adding a Collaborator

Click on the Icon in the top right corner of Github

In the drop down menu select settings

Github setting menu

Click on Repositories in the new menu on the left

Github repository settings repository menu

You will now see your repository you just create like the image below

Repository collab

Click on the "0 collaborators" in blue

Click on "Add People"

Github add people

In the search bar type "hansontm-uwec". You will be adding your professor as a collaborator. This will allow me access to see and grade your files.

Github search for your teacher.
It says the user doesn't exist in the image because I was searching for myself.

Collaborator added.
Now you will have added your professor to your repository.

Click on <>Code on the left side. This is where you can see the repository you just made.