Computer Science 318

Fundamentals of Web Design

The Portfolio

For this project you will be designing and creating a website to communicate the essence of "you" to put on display for the world wide-web and most importantly future employers or clients.

Part 1: The Design

The portfolio you are designing is about you! You are trying to showcase you and your talents. Your website can have multiple pages or one page but it must be responsive.

The Requirements

The Tools

Part 2: The Code

Attempt to recreate your design with HTML and CSS. Plan out the HTML container you will need to make your design transition from mobile to desktop.

The Requirments

The Hints

Mobile First

For the portfolio it is recommended to use the mobile first model. What this means is you will code and style your website in mobile format first. When you get to the point of CSS coding make your browser window as narrow as possible before adding any CSS. Once your website looks great a narrow size, make the screen wider. Once your CSS no longer looks good, add a media query for that screen size.

Hint: If you use the inspector tool while resizing the screen size, it will tell you the pixel width.