Computer Science 318

Fundamentals of Web Design

Portfolio GitHub Setup


Set up a new repository for the portfolio code in order to deploy to the web.


Why are we doing this?

We will be deploying the files to the web. In order to do this we need a public repository. Also it is best to make a new repository since you will likely not want all of your lab assignment associated with a website about yourself.


Initial Setup

Sign in to GitHub on your browser

Click create New to create a new repository

GitHub page new repository

Use the same settings for the repo as the image below and create new repository.

Github pages portfolio repo settings

Click on the green code button and select open with GitHub desktop

Github pages open new repo

Click on clone repository

Then click open in Visual Studio Code to begin coding your portfolio website.

Deploying Finished Code

Once you are done coding your portfolio and have pushed your changes to the repository follow these steps.

Github pages repo predeploy

Open the repository in your browser. It should look similar to the image above.

Click on Settings next to Insights

Click on Collaborators in the left menu

Add hansontm-uwec as a collaborator

GitHub portfolio add collaborator

Click on Pages in the left menu

GitHub pages menu select

In the select box that says "none" click and select main

GitHub pages main branch selection

Leave /root and click save.

GitHub pages root

Your portfolio is being published to the web. It may take a minute for the link generated to work while the code is propagate on the web.

Github pages published


If you want to use this website outside of this course for yourself I recommend getting a proper domain, like I recommend using Google Domains to purchase a domain because GoDaddy sells your information and you will get tons of spam calls. Domains can cost anywhere from a few dollars a year to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Once you purchase a domain you will need to add it as custom domain in GitHub pages. There is other additional setup you can view here for GitHubs instruction. Feel free to ask for help with this part since it is a bit tricky.