Computer Science 318

Fundamentals of Web Design

The Class

In this course we will investigate the design of static web pages, coding standards, accessibility guidelines, and technologies of client-side Web page design. Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and techniques for controlling page layout, animations, and user interactions.

Upon successfully completing this course you will be able to:


The Client Project

The project will progress through out the semester with 8 individual pieces. The purpose of the project is to give you a taste of what the entire web design process is like, in addition to providing proof of the skills you will have learned throughout the semester.

Client Details

The Portfolio Project

For this project you will be designing and creating a website to communicate the essence of "you" to put on display for the world wide-web and most importantly future employers or clients.

Portfolio Details

The Labs

Adding a Favicon Final Project Setup GitHub Setup Lab 0 HTML Basics Lab 01 HTML Text, Images, and Links Lab 02 Reverse Engineering Lab 03 Cascading Style Sheets Lab 04 Display, Classes, and Ids Lab 05 The Onion Lab 06 Background Images & Videos Lab 07 Display Flex & Media Queries Lab 08 Positioning Lab 09 The Galloping Goose Design Lab 10 The Galloping Goose Code Lab 11 Forms Lab 12 Tables Lab 13 Display Grid Lab 14 Transitions Lab 15 Animations Lab 16 All you have learned Lab 17 Reverse Engineering Making corrections with GitHub Portfolio GitHub Setup Setting Up Visual Studio Code