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Lab 09 Illustrator



Left Tool Bar

Illustrator Left Tool Bar

Color Palette Tool

Illustrator Color palette tool

Align Tool

Illustrator Align Tool

Pathfinder Tool

Illustrator Pathfinder Tool

Transform Tool

Illustrator Transform Tool Tutorial

Character Tool

Illustrator Character Tool


Open Adobe Illustrator.

In the New Document window select web and Web-Large 1920x1080. Then click Create.

Illustrator New Document Window

In the top right corner click on the Switch Workspace icon. Select Essentials Classic.

Illustrator switch workspace icon

Save file as

In the left tool bar select the rectangle tool. Click on the artboard. A window will pop up with width and height fields. Change them to 1920 width and 1080 height.

Illustrator Rectangle tool

With the new rectangle highlighted

Illustrator Alignment Tool

With your rectangle highlighted

Illustrator Color palette tool

Click on the rectangle tool.

With the new rectangle selected

Illustrator green header

Save as you go!

In the menu bar click View>Rulers>Show Rulers

In the menu bar click View>Guides>Show Guides

Click and hold on left ruler to drag a guide out to 300px. Click and hold again on the ruler to drag out a guide to 1620. You may need to zoom in to see 1620 in the top ruler. You will now have two blue guides on your artboard.

Blue guides on the artboard

In the left tool bar click and hold on the rectangle tool. Then select the ellipse tool.

With the ellipse selected change the fill color to 'ffffff'.

With the ellipse selected

Illustrator transform tool

Illustrator white circle in header


In the left tool bar select the text tool.

With the text selected

With the text tool highlight the word 'The'

With the text tool highlight the words Coffee and Shop.

Illustrator Paragraph leading

Highlight all the words


With the svg highlighted,

Illustrator Aspect constraint tool

Illustrator Text tool

Click on the selection tool in left tool bar (black arrow).

Illustrator double selection

Use the alignment tool in top bar to vertical align center.

Use alignment tool in right tool bar to Distribute Spacing. Use horizontal distribute spacing at 20px

Illustrator Distribute Spacing

With both the logo and text still selected navigate to Object>Group in top menu. Now the text and logo will move together.

Illustrator Coffee Logo grouped

With logo/text selected

Illustrator logo centered

Left tool bar select line segment tool.

With line selected

Illustrator Line tool

Click on selection tool in left tool bar

with both line and circle selected,

Illustrator Divide tool

Now you will have a circle divided in to two pieces. Use the Direct Selection tool (white arrow left tool bar) to select just the top part of the circle. Then delete it.

Illustrator divided circle

Reminder to save

The remaining piece of the circle will now be covering the logo. With the remaining circle piece selected.

Illustrator logo header

Select text tool.

Change both texts

Selection tool

Use alignment tool (right bar) to distribute spacing horizontally to 500px and vertical align center

With both text still selected in top menu Object>Group

Selection tool

Horizontal align center

Illustrator nav centered

Rectangle tool.

With rectangle highlighted.

Illustrator transform tool reference point

Text tool.

Text tool

Add the following paragraphs into the text box

A coffee where you can find a cozy spot and settle in. 

The Coffee Shop features a variety of specialty coffee drinks. Come in and enjoy a relaxing environment where you can sip your coffee and enjoy board games with friends.

With text box selected

Select both the About and new text box. Click on About to double highlight it.

Illustrator About section content

With both text still selected. Object>Group

Select grouped text and white box. Click on white box to double highlight it.

Illustrator About content set up

File>Place coffee.jpg

Change image width to 700px

Rectangle tool

Select both About white rectangle and new white rectangle. Double select White about rectangle

Illustrator Image box

Have you saved your work recently?

Move the image underneath the new rectangle.

Illustrator image positioning

Select both white box and image.

Illustrator About and Image set

Click on grey area surrounding artboard

Select light green rectangle. Change height to 2000px and width to 1920px

Rectangle tool

Select white about rectangle and new rectangle. Double select about rectangle

Illustrator white menu rectangle

Direct selection tool (white arrow left tool bar)

Text tool

Text tool

Drip Coffee
Cafe Au Lait
Cold Brew
Hot Chocolate
Shot in the Dark
Espresso Shots
Cafe con Miel
Dirty Chai
Mocha Specialty

Select all 3 new texts plus the About text. Double select about text.

Select all three new texts. Double select Menu.

Illustrator Coffee menu list

With the three text boxes select

Select Coffee text and menu item list

Illustrator alt trick

With new text boxes selected

Select just new Coffee text

Copy/Paste the following text over the duplicated coffee list

single $2.00

Illustrator Small list

Select both "Small 12 oz." and price list text boxes

Change "Small 12 oz." to "Large 16 oz."

Copy/paste the following text over duplicate price list

double $2.50

Illustrator coffee menu finished

Rectangle tool


Have you gone this far without saving? Do you like to tempt the fates?

Change both images widths to 100px

Select both images. Double select facebook icon

Illustrator social icons

Select icon group and dark green rectangle at bottom of artboard. Double select green rectangle

Illustrator social icons centered


Illustrator Tutorial Finished

Save file as ai

(Zip file)[]

Submit zipped file to Lab 9