Computer Science 318

Fundamentals of Web Design

Making corrections with GitHub


Learn how to pull with GitHub Desktop


When two users work on the same repository, if one person pushes changes the other person needs to update their local files to reflect the changes made to the repository. You will need to do this after I make any changes to your documents, like adding comments about errors. GitHub desktop makes this very easy.


In GitHub desktop, if I have made a comment, you will see the option to pull origin. Click on pull origin to get the updated files with comments.

GitHub Pull alert

Open in Visual Studio Code. Look for my comments in green. You can delete the comments after you have made the corrections.

For example:

<h1>Title<h1><!--The last tag should have a /-->

In visual studio code make any changes you need to. Once you are done making corrections. Save.

Go back to GitHub Desktop. You should see your changes to the documents listed there.

GitHub fixing an error.

Fill out the Summary field again. I suggest saying what you fixed. For example: "Fixed errors for lab4"

Click "Commit to main"

Click "Push Origin" and your done.